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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Resources for Users of RB, VB, and Windows

The purpose of today's entry is to suggest some resources that may be useful to Windows users of REALbasic, particularly those who have some experience with Visual Basic.

One excellent resource is "Porting VB Applications to Linux and Mac OS X: A how-to guide for Visual Basic developers" by Hank Marquis. You'll find it here:

Ignore the mentions of Linux and Mac OS X in the title. As the URL suggests, the real focus of the paper is on "porting Visual Basic." It's not so much a matter of going from Windows to Linux or Mac, but a matter of going from VB to RB. I myself run REALbasic in Windows, and the information in this excellent paper is just as important for Windows users to know, even if you have no interest in Linux or Mac.

Also helpful are the REALbasic Forums at this address:

In particular, there is a section (moderated by Aaron Ballman) devoted specifically to "Windows" questions and another section devoted specifically to "Visual Basic to REALbasic Conversion" questions.

An excellent starting point for all things related to developing programs in REALbasic is REALDev (REALbasic Developers Network) to be found here:

You'll have to do some searching to find which of the resources listed there deal specifically with Windows. For example, try these pages:

REALDev: Windows

REALDev: Windows: API

On the REALDev home page, there is this notice:

"Aaron Ballman's Windows Functionality Suite is now at version 2.2. This collection of classes and modules is quickly becoming a must have for every REALbasic programmer looking to develop professional applications for Windows. This suite is free." You can find more information here:

For information on Aaron's other contributions (including his "VB Declare Converter"), check out his Web site:

Well, that should be enough to get you started. Enjoy!

Barry Traver

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